To create experiences across the globe through warm service and quality products that bridge cultures, nurture souls and enhance spirits.


The overall secret? Quality ingredients paired with the right techniques and temperatures at all stages of production, proofing and frying. Being authentic means bringing it back to basics and focusing on quality and consistency. We want our products to look and taste simple and bring back nostalgia. Authentic baked goods appear effortless and graceful, but complex in its DNA, which sets it apart from the herd.

Not everyone has the opportunity or time to travel, and we wanted our friends and family to have access to these unique specialties. That desire became the idea to Paderia, creating a bakery with a multi-cultural flair for those in the community that have traveled or have yet to travel. The challenge was that if we were to bring these traditional staples from around the world into one place, we have to be able to do it very well, as it puts you up against a certain standard. Carefully selecting these products into one bakery theme was also a challenge. It required a certain brand and appeal.


Paderia is a modern, globally-inspired boutique bakery specializing in traditional baked goods with a focus on bringing everything back to basics, quality and authenticity. The driving force behind Paderia is to bridge cultures and share warmth through fine product and transcendent service.

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Featured Product

Custard Tart. Crisp, hand-moulded flakey pastry with a creamy custard center & distinguished caramelized top.




Davion Tran


Favorite Pastry: Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie

Natalie Galvan

Pastry Chef

Favorite Pastry: Oatmeal Cookie

Ngoc Tran

Pastry Chef

Favorite Pastry: Portuguese Egg Tart

Nathan Vuong


Favorite Pastry: Cheese Ensaymada